Old Town is a great place for parties, whether it's birthdays, family reunions, or youth group fun . . . you're sure to have a blast!


Get into the Swing!

We have fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball, 40 mph baseball and 60 mph baseball machines and our prices can't be beat!


$5.00 Golf

Seriously! It's only $5.00 to walk the course and $9.00 to ride it! Seniors ride for only $8.00 and kids under 10 are $4.00 with a paid adult!


In the Hole!

Miniature Gold is fun for everyone! At Old Town, it's not only fun, but you have some opportunities for some awesome pics! So, grab those phones and come on out!


Home of the $1.25 Cone!

Yes. Our regular cones are only $1.00! Larger cones, waffle cones, and toppings are additional.